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Nitrogen Gas Plants


Capacity From

1 to 100 LPH

Upto 99.999 % Pure

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Capacity From

5 to 150 Nm3/hr

98 to 99.999 % Pure

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Capacity From

150 to 10000 Nm3/hr

98 to 99.999 % Pure

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Capacity From

500 to 2000 Nm3/hr

96 to 99.9 % Pure

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Airox Nigen The Leaders In Adsorption Technology Presents

Nitrogen Gas Generators By ( PSA) Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology

     Why PSA Nitrogen From Airox Nigen 

  • Onsite Gas Generation 

  • Well Proven Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology

  • More Than 15,000 Units Working Satisfactorily Worldwide

  • Skid Mounted Pre-commissioned Ready To Use Units

  • Fully Automatic Plant - Requires No Operator’s Attention

  • Low Generation Cost - Pay Back Period Less Than A Year

  • Negligible Maintenance No Hassles of Changing Cylinders

  • Continuous Online Purity Check

  • Nitrogen Purity Up to 99.9999% Achievable


The Technology

  • Our Nitrogen Generators operates on Pressure Swing Adsorption, commonly known as P S A Technology.

  • P S A Technology is based on the selective adsorption phenomena of gas molecules under pressure on the surface of highly porous and efficient adsorbent.Achievable

  • In this case of Nitrogen Generation the Adsorbent is Carbon Based Molecular Seive (C.M.S.).

  • In P S A System when compressed air is passed through a adsorption tower field with CMS the molecules of oxygen, moisture & other unwanted gases are adsorbed on surface of C.M.S. and Nitrogen which is not adsorbed by C.M.S. comes out of adsorption tower and is collected in a surge vessel.

  • For continuous generation of nitrogen two Adsorption towers are provided which are interconnected with Auto Change Over Valves and are controlled by PLC in the control panel.

  • After saturation of one tower with oxygen, process automatically changes to another tower and thus nitrogen production is continuous.

  • Our systems are the best ones in industry to ensure the highest efficiency, user friendly design, Reliable Economical and Durable. Our onsite nitrogen generators are custom made and can be adjusted to give the desired nitrogen quality for your process and application. 

Salient Features of PSA Nitrogen Generators

  • Operator  and User Friendly design

  • Gas Generator are Skid mounted & Minimal space requirement.

  • Proprietary CMS utilized .

  • Pre-commissioned at our works Almost ready to use.

  • Once started it can be left-un-attended with Reliability of operation second to none.

  • High efficiency operation (lowers your power costs).

  • Your own independent on-site supply of nitrogen.

  • These are fully automatic and require virtually no attention of the Operator.

  • All operations take place automatically and Nitrogen Purity remains very consistent.

  • In case of any abnormality the Generator would trip automatically with Audio Visual/Alarms for action.

  • Offered by the leaders in Adsorption technology and largest manufacturer in the world

  • Customized engineering to meet your process requirements. & Remote monitoring and control already proven in many references.

  • Long-term commitment to R&D utilizing integrated, fully-functioning pilot facility.Ability to custom design our larger nitrogen generator plants to your specific requirements.

  • When Storage Tank Gets Filled , Gas Generator Goes to Sleep and restarts once the pressure in storage Tank is Reduces to set Limit.


Select A Model That Suits Your Need


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